The Breezes at Dawn (have secrets to tell you)

Sunrise from our breakfast table in Comox this morning

Sunrise from our breakfast table in Comox this morning

The eye of the needle is everywhere, abiding patiently for you to quilt your life to the Otherworld. Martin Shaw

If we would restore the wasteland our world is becoming, we must attune ourselves, re-tune our frequency, to the Pristine, Primal Land, the original template, and allow ourselves to become Living Bridges, through which the energy of regeneration and restoration can pass from that world to our own. Margie McCarthur

The above quotations are saying the same thing I think, though they use different metaphors to express how we may be connected to a deeper reality, an “Otherworld,” which has been given many names. I often conceptualize it according to Jung’s term, the collective unconscious. Or we can call it the secondary process as does Arnold Mindell, or the transpersonal field... Perhaps you have a name you prefer.

We can connect to this “Otherworld” through the portal of the heart more easily than we can enter through our rational thought process. In fact, the latter is pretty useless in this regard and even creates a wall. Our fast paced and materialistic culture also distracts and prevents us from perceiving the “original template,” the state of being in which we best thrive. We can learn to be “bridges” and to “quilt”/knit ourselves back to this level of experiencing - which brings me to my main point of this post – I want to explore this subject and experience through writing. And I am going to call the means to experiencing this greater perception, Listening.

There are different levels of Listening, of course – We might Listen to others, to our self, to God/the gods/angels, to the earth and nature, and so on. I wish to explore all, as essentially they require the same effort – becoming living tuning forks and receivers (in order to become “bridges”, sewing needles...)

I have been attempting to ‘practice what I preach’ and have been doing my best to Listen. As I mentioned, my friend Colleen inspired my two most recent posts when she sent me photographs of sculptures. This time it was my friend, Krista, who woke me up to the exciting possibility of continuing to write about the subject of Listening.

Krista wrote,

“Your post has made me think more deeply than ever about the underrated beauty of listening. It feels so good to do... It is so valuable for human connection. And we are lonelier than ever these days...

As Krista notes, on a very personal and human level, our relationships are suffering because of our undeveloped (and forgotten) Listening skills. Improving our Listening can help transform our relationships on all levels and with everyone and every thing.

Krista also wrote,

“I think one (you) could write a book to remind and teach this North American culture these elements that have been swept aside. It seems that it’s hard to remember tender qualities in a competitive culture, where people are encouraged to be loud and flashy and draw attention to themselves, almost like it is a means to survival. But if we are going to talk about survival we must wake up to the necessity of communion and selflessness and attending and mindfulness. More and more people are. (That’s where my hope comes in.)”

Yes, a transformation of how we attend is already occurring collectively as part of the evolution of human consciousness. And let me be clear, I am not saying I know all about the subject. But from having been a counsellor and a trainer of counsellors for many years, not to mention having been involved in my own work of personal transformation for even longer, I do have a lot to say about it. I also feel passionate about becoming a better attuner in my own life, and I feel inspired to dive in and learn as I write.

Krista (who is a writer, as you may have already guessed) concluded,

“It is as if we need to unearth it and dust off the skill...And the idea that listening is connected to climate change, listening to the earth, to the self...the link with empathy, the link with the incorporation of the feminine. Oh yes. The time is now.”

Dear Krista, I agree wholeheartedly!