My Counselling and Support Services

I offer counselling for those seeking emotional healing.  I also support people with spiritual exploration and creative process.  These are often linked, and I have found that for many, opening one door can open all.  

Counselling Practice


I view "symptoms" such as anxiety, depression, and confusion, etc., as experiences calling for growth.  I have found that as we connect with the deeper layers within, we discover a deeper self we can listen to, trust, and with which we can nurture an enduring relationship.  As we align with this self, we tap into a natural healing and developmental process.  Problems often resolve themselves and even transform into something of great value. 

Spiritual Exploration


Life direction, meaning, purpose, transition, and spiritual healing are only some of the spiritual issues individuals seek support with.  Others include questions of vocation and calling, mortality, an afterlife, and which spiritual or religious practices would be most helpful.  Though I make no claims at being a spiritual teacher, I draw from many years of being on my own spiritual journey, immersion in Jungian psychology, and training in interfaith spiritual guidance and Theology.   

    Creative      Process


Most of my clients have been artists of some kind, including dancers, writers, actors, musicians, and visual artists, and I have come to see myself as something of a creativity coach.  But creativity is not just for artists -we all have a need to express our experience. Challenges may include confidence, blocks, time, and financial struggles.  Feelings of alienation and/or invisibility, family pressures, and inner conflicts, etc., are other common issues for those on a creative path.