Hello, I'm Devorah.  I am a longtime therapist, trainer of counsellors, and writer.  I have lived in Vancouver for most of my adult life and am keenly aware of the joys and challenges of trying to live soulfully and creatively in an urban environment.  I am here because of my desire to explore the contemplative life in writing, as well as my passion for supporting others in living their version of what it means to be a contemplative in the city.



This is a resurrection of the Urban Contemplative site which I first began in 2010.  Lots has changed in the world, here in Vancouver, and in my own life since then, but the general focus of this site is still the same, if not a little more clear. The blog is back and I still provide information about counselling and support.  There is a page on sustainable living (written by my biologist/ecologist husband), and I hope to offer online courses in future.  



If you are seeking counselling, what I can offer you is my many years of experience with a wide range of personal issues.  I provide a warm and safe environment in which all aspects of you are welcome.  Being well versed in many therapeutic approaches, I tailor our work together to support you and your needs. I listen deeply and trust your inner wisdom and resources.  In this way we can both align with the natural process of healing and support you in discovering the life that is waiting for you. 


Soulful and Creative  Living

Soul and creativity are what this site is about.  Perhaps you long for a quieter and more simple life, or a greater sense of meaning.  Maybe you yearn to be more connected to the natural world.  You might feel blocked with your creativity or you want to deepen your spirituality.  Do you feel you have a purpose but don't know what it is? These are some of the subjects and questions I hope to address here. Welcome.