About Devorah



I have been a therapist in Vancouver for nearly thirty years and a trainer of counsellors for nearly as long.  I am also a facilitator of creative and spiritual development.  

My formal training was in Psychology (M.Ed. in Counselling Psychology) and fine arts.  I have studied Jungian Psychology extensively, as well as trained in Interfaith Spiritual Guidance, Theology, and western inner traditions.

Though I engage in many creative pursuits from piano to visual arts to gardening, my main focus continues to be writing.  In 2010 I began my first Urban Contemplative blog and I have engaged in several other writing projects related to spiritual development.  A friend who has read a number of my pieces summarized their themes in this way:

How many ways or metaphors or containers are there for us to attach our deepest longing to so that we can be aware of and experientially connect to the spark of the divine within our consciousness, our souls?  What kind of engagement in the world can help us access that experience of the sacred, a state that is beyond our usual ego strivings, rehearsing, thinking about the past or future and being caught up in the deadening everyday routines of our life?  What can help us to surrender to the waters of the Holy Rivers and let them wash over us?           (Thank you, Mahmud.)

I live in Vancouver and the Comox Valley with my husband, dog and cat.